From the December 2010 magazine.

Broken--down chorus

Twenty-five drunks belt out a paint-peeling holiday song for a sick father

OK, guys, I've just got to share with you a wonderful thing that happened while my daddy was in the hospital.

Each year at my home group, we have a Christmas Eve dinner. I plan it, basically by default--I've just done it; someone has to. But this year has been very difficult because I've been in my daddy's hospital room in Birmingham, Ala., trying to plan this huge sit-down dinner for 35-40 people in Cullman, Ala. And, y'all, alcoholics, recovering with one day or 40 years, are a testy lot at best because they don't like rules, organization and being told what to do. Let's just put it this way: It's a delicate thing to make everyone think everything is their idea.


Cullman, Ala.

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