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Published September 2013.

Steps Toward a Brighter Future

After a second stint in prison, he went back to AA

My first encounter with AA was just after my I turned 19. I walked in and saw these old guys sitting in a circle on some chairs and I wanted no part of it, so I walked out. I made the wrong choice at that time and hurt a lot of people. I have let sponsors, family, friends, and others down who had bent over backwards many times to help me. Yet I was too smart to have them give me any advice.

I was not ready to be helped or to admit that I had a problem. So no matter what they said, what stories they told me, how much love they showed me, how concerned they were, how much compassion they had, or much money they loaned me, the choice was mine. I couldn't see beyond the end of my nose. My ego and false sense of pride got in the way of some good common wisdom that was being passed my way.

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