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Like a Second Skin

Her obsession to drink clung tightly until she began practicing Step Three

I am an alcoholic. It does not matter how I got here. What I want to tell about is how I got out. It took two years and a lot of unnecessary struggling, lots of trail and error before I caught on to what was going on in me. There was a lot to learn, more of what not to do compared to what to do. I read the Big Book over and over.

I understood it to be an instruction manual. I thought it would be like other things, follow the instructions and the end result will be a cake, a dress or a cabinet or what ever the instruction were for. Follow the Big Book, step-by-step and the end result will be sobriety … But that did not happen. There was attempt after attempt, but yet failure was my result. This only feed my frustrations. What was I doing wrong?

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