From the November 2013 magazine.

November 2013: Letter from Editor

Each November, we feature stories of experience, strength and hope from our Grapevine Story Archive. If you haven’t looked through our wonderful deep well of stories, which dates back to 1944 and includes many of Bill W.’s essays, please visit This month we feature special selections from our new book, No Matter What, about how members get through tough situations in sobriety.

In “An Inner Truth,” a Marine gets sober, even though he’s homeless and has lost his leg and his wife. A young mother gets through a rough first year sober after she becomes pregnant, single and broke in “The Woman in the Mirror.” In “Fire in the Holler,” a man finds that the share that will help you most might be just around the bend. In “Gruff Love,” an AA learns that the answer for pain is often found in the Twelfth Step. And a sober woman looking for work receives a valuable lesson about brainstorms and patience in “Eyeliner, Anyone?” The November issue is also chock-full of terrific original stories, such as “The Tough Girl,” “Leap of Faith” and “The Beauty Queen.”

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