From the November 2013 magazine.

November 2013: Doc Talk

Hoping to educate doctors about AA is one man’s medicine

Back when I was in the Air Force I told my boss that I was a recovered alcoholic, and within a few weeks he asked me to talk with a fellow employee who he thought might need help. I took my new friend to a few meetings, and he decided that AA was not for him. A number of years later we crossed paths at an AA meeting. He had been sober for a couple of years. He thanked me for the time I’d spent with him. Later, when I was in the corporate business world, as was my custom I told my boss that I was in AA. This particular guy seemed to get uneasy and quickly moved the conversation along. I ran into him a couple of years later at a round-up. He remembered very clearly the day I told him of my AA membership.

Something I have learned over time is that many of the folks who might have a chance to refer someone to AA do not know us and may not have any good information about us. We have a chance every day to help enable professionals to refer prospects to us. It’s important that we take these opportunities to “Sponsor Our Professionals,” to make sure they know that AA is here to help and also how to refer someone to us if they need it.

-- Terry L.


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