From the November 2013 magazine.

November 2013: Crosstalk

When is it OK to refer to someone else’s share? One member has some thoughts

In their opening remarks, many groups say, “No crosstalk, please.” Regardless, sometimes we refer to one another, speak directly to one another, refer to other people not even in the room, offer advice, and even compliment one anothers’ shares. That is all crosstalk, and the culture of crosstalk is damaging to the Fellowship.

I enjoy my AA meetings; I even enjoy the ones in which I disagree with many of the things that are said there. I enjoy the different interpretations of the literature, Concepts, and Steps. An AA meeting is supposed to be a safe place to share and reach out. Our spiritual foundation of anonymity provides this safety, so that all feel welcomed and not judged. No matter how far down the ladder we have gone, our experience can benefit others. That’s why we share our experiences, not the experiences of other people. Besides, we are not in AA to fix anyone.

-- Anonymous

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