Published November 2013.

November 2013: Dear Grapevine

Much better than pie
I had a wonderful Thanksgiving last year. It was my fourth one sober, and I got to bask in the kindness and generosity of friends who had me over for a nice turkey dinner. However, I accidentally ate a bite of pecan pie that had been soaked in brandy! It’s happened to me before, and when it does, it usually gives me a headache for a few hours. After I left the dinner, I stopped at an AA meeting. I’m new in town and didn’t know anyone there, but I’d been to this group a few times and really liked it.

At 8:01, no chairperson had shown up, so I asked, “Are we having a meeting?” An old-timer told me to get up there and chair. Despite my terrible brandy-induced headache, I took the seat. The meeting went well, and I invited everyone to share gratitude since it was, after all, Thanksgiving eve.

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