Grapevine Online Exclusive

Published October 2013.

With a Compassionate Heart

After her bathroom flooded neighboring apartments, she put the Steps to work

One sunny afternoon, I took my two dogs, Sparky and Mona, for a long walk. When I walked into the front hallway of my beautiful 100-year-old condo building, I saw two neighbors talking with each other. One came quickly to me and said, "Kate, you left your bathroom sink running and it overflowed and my plaster is ruined! It's going to need lots of work to fix this!"

Fortunately, my neighbor Bonny has my key. Once the leak was discovered, she turned off the sink. Unfortunately, I live on the fourth floor, the sink drain was slow, water accumulated and overflowed, and a lot of damage occurred in the third, second and first floor apartments underneath mine. You'd be amazed at how much water can run into and out of a sink in an hour.

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