From the December 2013 magazine.

December 2013: You won’t find rainbows in the bottom of a glass

While Sinatra’s lonely saloon song plays, an old-timer wonders how he picked up after 39 years

It’s been more than a year since I took the bus out of Pennsylvania back up to my home in New York. I remember that ride very well. It was my first look at the real world after going to a 30-day treatment program. I was beginning my second round of sobriety. It all seemed so amazing, for my first round lasted an uninterrupted 39 years.

In 39 years of going to meetings I got married, raised a child, built a career, and became quite good at what I did for a living. Thirty-nine years of coexisting in a world of beer and cocktails all around me with no compulsion to dive back in,...

-- John B.

Rochester, New York