From the December 2013 magazine.

December 2013: Blowing in the wind

Today I wake up, take a shower, and head to the kitchen to re-heat a cup of coffee. Then I decide I will not be too lazy to make some fresh. I stare out the kitchen window, and as the coffee pot is filling with cool water, I realize the dark of night is leaving. I look at the clock: 6:36 a.m. I’m overjoyed that the days are getting longer, and the cold Wisconsin winter will soon give way to a muddy, but oh-so-fresh-smelling spring. Thank you God for another sober day.

In my view is our long gravel driveway, lined with a mix of very mature trees. As last year’s leaves race down the track, I choose one I believe will make it to the end first. Along it goes, twirling and flopping in the wind, but moving fast, and I cheer it on in my head. Then it takes a sharp turn off the track and smacks into a tree. The other leaves hurry along to their destiny as my little leaf becomes one of many dried up crunchy brown leaves in a huge pile of the same.

-- Anonymous

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