From the June 1949 magazine.

I Went into A.A. for Angles

But the Angles Had Angles

I WENT to the State Pen in 1946 for a 2-10 year felony charge. I was bitter and full of resentment and vowed that society would pay when I was released.

I know now who would have paid if I hadn't been introduced to the A.A. group there. I started shooting angles right off the bat. I tried to be nice to prison officials whenever they talked to me, but of course, I was cussing and hating their guts inside. I vowed to myself that I would let them think I wanted to straighten out even if I had to "yes sir" and "no sir" them. What the hell, if I could get out on my two years, I could...

-- An Ex Con

Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan