From the January 1953 magazine.

From Within These Walls


TODAY we live in a world stunned by sorrow. The grief of millions hangs over us like a pall. We are all seeking a new beginning. In our present disappointments and bewilderments, we are at a loss as to just where we must start or what we should do to rid ourselves of the turmoil within our hearts and souls which hampers our contentment, self-respect, respect for others, and peace of mind.

The AA program and its traditions and simple philosophy can be the answer to all of our frustrations, if we will only let it. Many of us still fail to recognize that the AA program bends over backwards to furnish us with a better understanding of ourselves and others. We fail to recognize that the thing most needed to all is understanding and the willingness to include others in our own welfare.

-- H. R.

Hunstville, Texas

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