From the June 1965 magazine.

Down the Wrong Road

But there can be a change of direction even in a prison cell

At this time I am confined in the State House of Correction and Branch Prison, Marquette, Michigan. The crime for which I am now serving time was committed in order to enable me to obtain money so that I could remain in a constant state of drunkenness.

I am in my cell lying on my bed and I can see the trees on the side of the mountain. I have watched the snow melt from God's earth. I have seen the buds spring out upon the trees, and now in just a few short weeks the leaves will once again turn to such beautiful colors. From these wonders of nature I am but a few short feet. Why? Well, I traveled one of the two roads --right and wrong. I was given a choice as a youngster to decide which road in life I would travel. As I see it now, my foolish, immature mind chose the wrong road.

-- T. B.

Marquette, Michigan

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