From the October 1967 magazine.

I Found AA in an Australian Prison

From that day I began to listen. . .it sounded as if those blokes had been reading my mail.

AS a young lad, I was surrounded by many prime examples of why I should not drink--in my home, in homes of relatives and in friends' and neighbors' homes. I saw the quarrels, fights and all the sordid things which go hand-in-hand with excessive drinking. Sure, there were happy times too, but these did not leave so lasting an impression on my mind.

Why then, after observing all this, did I begin drinking? I began, when I was about eight or nine, with inquisitive tasting at various parties of whatever was lying around, and sips from a jar (a gallon of sweet sherry) that my father kept on hand. In the Riverina of New South Wales almost everyone keeps one of these jars (in the particular town that I lived they did anyhow), and I suppose almost every kid has his tasting session too. I showed a distinct preference for Australian wine, and I developed the habit of constantly visiting Dad's jar for my tasting session--not getting drunk at this stage but, nevertheless, getting that warm glow from it.

-- Leo M.

Adelaide, South Australia

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