From the July 1970 magazine.

AA in a State Hospital

Many continue their revolving-door existence. . .but some find a new way of life

THE AWAKENING is much like those experienced in the past by many of our readers. I see the barren room, the steel grids across the windows. I smell the institutional smell. I hear the muffled sounds of activity, fearsome and yet reassuring. And I ask myself that eternal question, "Lord, where am I now?" I recall leaving town last Monday, and from the feel of my beard it must be at least Thursday, perhaps Friday. But what month?

It is morning. Answers should be arriving in some shape or form, and shortly they do. I find I am a voluntary patient in a state hospital. I am being placed in its alcoholic rehabilitation program for a period of three to four months. . . .

-- E. A.

San Rafael, California

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