From the February 1974 magazine.

Seven-time Loser

An eight-page section reflecting something of the AA experience in penal institutions

I'VE BEEN very fortunate since finding AA. In May 1953, I attended my first AA meeting, at a state prison. I had just been passed over by the parole board and had to do five more years. I was wanted outside, and my track record was pitiful. A seven-time loser doesn't expect a welcoming committee.

Upon my release, July 17, 1957, I had $7.40, the clothes on my back, and a suggestion that I leave the state (my native state, by the way). I also had an ex-wife, long remarried, a daughter I was no longer able to claim, a lot of remorse, and a bit of self-pity. But I was determined to stay sober and stick with the AA winners. Let me say I had many helping hands I didn't deserve. I wasn't a nice person.

-- D. D.

Curtice, Ohio

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