From the July 1975 magazine.

One of Those Bad Cons Nobody Can Reach

In this 14-page section, the Grapevine shares the experience, hope--and success--of some whose alcoholism brought them to a prison cell

FOR ME, as for most alcoholics, It was "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you die." But, of course, I couldn't die. I painfully awakened each time, mentally, physically, and spiritually sick. Nothing could pull me out of the abyss but more alcohol. Later on, it took alcohol fortified with other drugs to pull me up. Still later, even alcohol and chemicals together could not lift me.

There are many things worse than dying, but is there any death worse than the progressive, self-induced, slow suicide of the practicing alcoholic? The alcoholic suffers death many times over. Alcohol...

-- Anonymous