From the July 1976 magazine.

Freedom Behind Bars

In England's famed Dartmoor Prison an inmate makes a surprising discovery - Five men and one woman tell how the AA program works--inside and out

SITTING ALONE In the gray confines of a prison cell, as the long days, weeks, months, and years drag by, has its effect. One's being is reduced symbolically to that of a number in a list. One strives mentally always to retain personal identity and sanity, in a world devoid of love or compassion.

There is ample time for soul-searching, self-examining, making future plans for either good or evil. A person who decides to waste such time quickly becomes the victim of boredom, which can easily reduce him to a state of despair, or a mindless cabbage. One must follow some constructive activity--study, model making, toy making--in order to occupy one's mind fully.

-- M. B.

Dartmoor, England

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