From the July 1977 magazine.

Suddenly the Program Came Alive

Four AAs share their experience both in and out of prison

I HAVE BEEN around AA for about nine years now. I don't remember the circumstances surrounding my first meeting, but I do know that I had a problem with booze.

At age fifteen, booze meant so much to me that when my high school sweetheart threw my bottle out the car window, I hopped out to get it. I didn't stop to think that we were on an expressway and traveling about fifty miles an hour. I paid for this particular bottle with a broken leg, a concussion, and a six-month convalescence. I didn't think at the time that my bottle really had anything to do with what was happening in my life. Now, I can see that my problems, as well as my drinking, were getting progressively worse.

-- R. M.

East Meadow, New York

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