From the July 1997 magazine.

Someone's Child

"What's a lady like you doing in a place like this?" I've been asked that question many times since two burly fellows from AA showed up on my doorstep one morning many years ago. They wanted me to go to Waupun with them. That's our state maximum security prison for men. "What would I have in common with those men?" I asked. Their answer: "You're an alcoholic, aren't you?" I went that Sunday and have been going to corrections facilities meetings ever since.

The fact that I'm an alcoholic is what qualifies me for correctional meetings, not that I've spent time in a county jail or prison, and not that I'm German, Irish, Black, White, or Spanish. It doesn't matter if I'm male or female, straight or gay; it doesn't matter how I make my living now or how I made it in the past. An AA meeting in prison is just what meetings have been since Bill and Dr. Bob got together: one drunk talking to another.

-- Karen N.

Racine, Wisconsin

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