From the July 1966 magazine.

Unbeliever in AA

. . .God as we understand Him

The Grapevine receives a number of manuscripts which go quite deeply into spiritual awakenings, often including religious conversions or reconversions, which individual AA members have experienced. Sometimes these articles contain more about religion than we expect to hear at AA meetings. On the premise that we can be helped in our own questing by hearing--from others, we publish the fifth of a series of articles under this heading--the first from the point of view of the not uncommon "unbeliever." There is appended an "Afterthought on Atheists" by another AA, illustrating one approach to the practice of tolerance in matters of belief. We ask readers to remember that publication does not constitute AA or Grapevine editorial endorsement of particular views.

--The Editors

-- L. W.

Manhattan, New York

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