From the April 1984 magazine.

. . . As the Result of These Steps

On the following pages, six AAs tell us how they "came to believe

MY HOME GROUP met last night, and the topic was "spiritual awakening," a quite timely topic for me. I had experienced a rather significant personal disappointment that day. What was particularly distressing was that I had built up a lot of my plans for achieving serenity in this situation.

Like most other alcoholics, I had searched for spiritual awakenings long before I got to AA. However, I realized last night that I'd had my own awakening on October 21, 1980--only I didn't know it at the time. On that day, I had finally surrendered to my Higher Power my powerlessness over alcohol. From that surrender came a freedom that I have never otherwise experienced in my life.

-- R. S.

Norfolk, Virginia

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