From the April 1985 magazine.

A Few Words From an Atheist

I DRIED OUT, sobered up, and found peace by becoming aware of, then learning to be grateful for, the simple things that make up the joy of living, instead of wallowing around in the exact nature of my wrongs; by letting others help me help myself instead of searching for moral supremacy; by learning to live and let live; and certainly not by examining someone else's "wrong" thinking about God, the Big Book, or the Twelve Steps.

Serenity has not been granted me by divine intervention or by waiting for it to land in my lap. Serenity, along with such goodies as a sense of belonging, a newfound freedom and happiness, and a better understanding of myself, comes my way by the learning of acceptance. Acceptance, especially, of the simple fact that some people believe in God and some do not.

-- J. A.

Dayton, Ohio

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