From the February 1997 magazine.

Practical Joy

Recently, the hard work my wife and I have put in has been bearing rewards of modest material security: new house, new car, money to buy Christmas gifts and maintain a prudent reserve, and more prospects for creative work. Though we've been working for these things for several years, they've come quite suddenly in the last month. Our house plans have turned out especially well. So I enjoy telling AA friends that I spent time praying about the situation; and that what we've ended up with is not at all what I dreamed about and planned for--it's better.

People in the Fellowship have a special warmth when you share good news with them. We've all experienced so much bitterness, loss, and grief when drinking that any affirmation of life turning out well in sobriety gives our nervous systems a tingle of hope.

-- Ernest S.

York Harbor, Maine

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