From the October 2001 magazine.

A Fox In the Woods

When I tried to apply the Steps of AA to my grief over the death of my thirty-year-old daughter, Phyllis, I came to a brick wall. I could admit I was powerless over death. No amount of prayer, bargaining, you-name-it had stopped the inexorable progress of the ovarian cancer that invaded her body, despite surgical intervention and chemotherapy.

Phyllis had attended a spiritual retreat when she was in her early twenties. She told of having something unresolved since the death of her father when she was sixteen, and she had taken a walk in the woods during the retreat to meditate on this issue. When she had finished her meditation, she asked her Higher Power to give her some sign that her prayer had been heard. As she continued to walk, a fox stepped out of the woods onto the path ahead of her. She stopped walking and watched the fox, who looked at her for a long moment, trotted up the path a few feet, then turned and disappeared into the woods after a backward glance at her.

-- Pat S.

Newark, Delaware

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