From the April 1973 magazine.

Cling to AA

Around the Tables

AROUND THE TABLES, there is an abundance of proof of our saying "If you make a call to AA, you belong." I am a newcomer in more ways than one, but it is absolutely amazing how often now I have more 24 hours than most others at our meetings. How can this be? In a nutshell--the grace of God, and that alone.

At my home group, there are twenty-six, and only four have more time in AA than I. One of the twenty-six is back, back from the hospitals and the rooms that lock on the outside. And he was one who greeted me when I first came to AA. But for the grace of God. Another of the twenty-six is back, too. She once asked me, "What happened to you?" And she came to meetings for a while and then went away about fourteen months ago. Now she wants sobriety no matter what.

-- D. W. R.

Detroit, Michigan

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