From the September 1973 magazine.


Around the Tables

AROUND THE TABLES, the arrival of an active alcoholic who comes alone for help is an event. But the fortunate one comes in tow, brought by one or more AAs. He already has an AA contact, a sponsor--more often than not, a person who was a stranger but a few hours ago.

Think back to those terrifying early days. This stranger says, "We'll be there at seven," and at seven, they are there. A guy presses a blue-jacketed book into your hands, saying, "Read it. Tomorrow night, we'll take you to the X Group." The sponsor is helping, sharing his experience, introducing you to this new way of life. Days, weeks, months pass by, and you are neatly dressed, clean-shaven, saying to some sick devil, "I was just like you." And you help him down the steps to the room where there are friends and a heavenly coffee aroma. Think back, you lucky ones.

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