From the October 1974 magazine.

. . . If We Have Surrendered

It is impossible to fail if we truly take the Third Step - Around the Tables

AROUND THE TABLES, I have talked of my alcoholism and heard countless others describe theirs, but never have I heard as definitive and concise a statement on alcoholism as in the Book of Proverbs, 20:1: "Wine is arrogant, strong drink is riotous; none who goes astray for it is wise."

If you regard the early years of drinking as the wine period, certainly mine could be described as "arrogant." I was in charge of all; I set the pace; alcohol could be left alone whenever I wanted to. The latter period, and by far the longer one, was that of "strong drink." Certainly, it was riotous, and obviously, I was unwise and really went astray.

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