From the February 1979 magazine.

Sobriety Is Exciting

Around the Tables

AROUND THE TABLES, life becomes more exciting each passing twenty-four hours without the first drink. I smile or laugh aloud today when I reflect back on my early fear that life would become a bore without drinking. Instead, every day zings with excitement. Just the novelty of letting go of old ideas keeps me amused. Each time an old one goes, there's a rush of new and interesting ideas to take its place. Old ideas come in many forms, including people, places, and things. The whole thinking process changes.

We were discussing Step Four or Step Seven (or was it all twelve?), and the thought came to me that taking each Step is like stepping off a cliff. I don't recommend the latter as a good practice, but it is a certainty that once you do it, you are committed to a drastic change. And so it is with an AA Step: You either take it (continuously) or you don't--there is no in-between. Once committed, you can never go back to what you were--you have stepped off the cliff.

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