From the November 1958 magazine.

Using the Slogans

The third of a series of "Beginners' Meetings"--to run from time to time--for newcomers to AA sobriety.

I WAS wondering what you thought when you came to your first AA meeting and saw the slogans displayed, as we have them here and at other AA meeting places in the area. Our little signs are--Easy Does It, First Things First, Live and Let Live, and But For The Grace Of God. I know groups elsewhere have other thought provoking slogans and I'm sure they all are helpful. I don't recall my original impression, but I'm quite sure I could not figure what these sayings could possibly have to do with me or my newfound desire to stay sober.

The slogans are simple things, we have heard these phrases many times before. Probably their wisdom has served many generations. Even though they may be ages old, it seems as though they were designed especially for us. They can help when we fit them to our everyday needs.

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