From the March 1959 magazine.

Day-tight Compartments

The fifth of a series of "Beginners' Meetings"--to run from time to time--for newcomers to AA sobriety.

IT'S good to see that all of you seem comfortable and feel at home in AA. It is not only that you know you are welcome and we need you, but I'm sure many of our faces are familiar. Maybe we haven't met before but you have begun to recognize us as the same kind of people you went into a bar to meet. Our stories and our histories will have a familiar ring and even our comments and suggestions are not entirely new. Some AA suggestions recall thoughts long forgotten; others may still be in mind but you may not have put them to work.

For example, you have always known that life has been set up on a pattern of one day. Here we try to use that thought for our recovery by putting into use a twenty-four hour plan, living one day at a time.

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