From the May 1959 magazine.

For Beginners

The following article, though not Intended by the author for publication under the "For Beginners" heading, was considered by the Editors as appropriate for that Department. As with other signed articles, it represents solely the author's personal opinion

You will see and hear a few things upon your entree into AA. Try to like some of them. No member of AA condemns you because of what your reputation might be. By the same token a right thinking member will not be very impressed with your reputation or standing in the past or the present. Remember they have sobriety and their interest in you is to help you get what they have. We will always respect the dignity of every man no matter how low he may have sunk.

We believe in a power greater than ourselves we call God. The sooner you are willing to try to believe in God, as you understand Him, the easier the program of AA will be for you to work. Your spiritual understanding will develop as fast as you desire it so to do.

-- Anon.

Akron, Ohio

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