From the January 1960 magazine.


The ninth of a series of "Beginner' Meetings"--to run from time to time--for newcomers to AA sobriety.

AT one time it was quite popular to talk about resolutions at New Year's time. Somehow that practice seems to have gone out of style and maybe it is just as well. In my case at least such resolutions were not very effective for any recognizable period of time. I recall too that always it was Resolutions in the plural, covering so many things and people and never any one big worthwhile important resolve that was truly vital or that could change the pattern of life I was determining entirely by myself.

We do not talk too much in AA about resolutions but we do make definite resolves and decisions that seem quite different from the resolutions we made in the past or that others ordinarily make at this time of the year. Today our resolves have more substance to them. They are backed up by more knowledge, experience and true wisdom than is generally available to many others who see a need to improve their life position.

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