Experience with AA Online?

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Where to find and how to join an online AA group

Anyone wanting to stop drinking and needing to join an Online AA group should go to:


... where you'll find details of the various types of online groups - and, by following the links, will be offered a complete listing and details of how-to-join.

Ewart - AA UK

Hiya Ewart Long time no see

As I am reading through the shares on this forum I was so pleasantly surprised to see a name I recall with fondness and love. Ewart it is soooo good to see you. Yes, I still do online AA but am very involved in f2f AA meetings and service work. I will share my experience with online AA shortly

AA Hugs

please help me

I don't know how to do this but would appreciate help if anyone gets this message. Thank you.

re, please help me

hello well you have made a big step your in the right place to find out how to get sober and live happy jois and free of the terror get a meeting , talk on line , but put the plug in the jug . my name is mike im a alcoholic , im sober for 8 months im 48 and have drank over 30 years . please give aa a chance , hang on till the miricelhappens get a sponcer , and keep coming back

Try Sober Voices

I have a similar problem at times and was thrilled to discover Sober Voices. It's a meeting you can call in to and participate. People from all over the country do it and you get to know some of them. Do a web search for the number. They have a noon and 10pm meeting. There are other ones but I've only used Sober Voices.

Not getting to meetings

I need some feed back on what to do when work gets in the way of going to meetings. I work 12 hr shifts at times. Of course I go to meetings when I am not working like that. I need a meeting on line when I can't get to one.

RE: Not getting to meetings

your being of service working !!! great

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