Experience with AA Online?

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World gone mad?

That's right.Listen. Take the cotton out of your ears and put it in your mouth.

Nearly my greatest A.A. experience to date!

Circumstances have me house-bound 900 miles away from my home group, and I do have regular phone contact there. However, "online A.A." has now become a great mainstay for me. Over these past 30 years, I have never seen so much recovery in one place at one time and with so many newer folks hearing more than I had ever heard in even a month or two of face-2-face A.A. meetings. Truly, I am completely amazed and in love with "online A.A."!

Joseph Lee O.

greatest AA experience

Joseph you are so right....I love this site and it helps me stay sober. While I needed meetings when I was younger, now that I am retired on a disability, the internet is my sanity device. Keeps me in touch with the world. I do believe that newcomers need the face to face time with other people. I needed to make the coffee, set up chairs, tables.....I don't even drink coffee. The smoke drove me crazy until I found another non smoking group. 98% of us learn better with hands on...visually as learners.....meetings do that....reading grapevine or the BIG book brings the ideas into clarity.
But, when circumstances change God as we know him guides us to the right choice. Bless you
Mikey A. Colorado

Online recovery

My experience with online recovery meetings (in AA, Al-Anon
and OA) came after having several years in each of thoe afore-mentioned programs,so they have been in addition
to going to f2f meetings. There have been several times
in my recovery when I went to both f2f and subscribed to em
online meetings or subscribed to email recovery groups. There were also times when I was very sick or injured (so I was unable to get to meetngs) when my membership in the above online or email groups were my only contact with recovery. I have been disabled now for almost 6 years now, due to balance and coordination issues, I no longer drive. So I have to rely on rides from friends, the public bus system and the para -transit van (when I have money to pay for that.) So there are times that I don't have a way to get to a meeting,so I am grateful there are online meetings or email groups that focus on the recovery in the above programs. Thankfully I have found although we don't really know one another, we do know one another and therefore I have developped several strong supports in these
online meetings and email groups. I have been fortunate to
have f2f contacts as well as phone calls from (as well as have received some get well and sympathy cards (when my
father died) some of the members of the above groups. I also have had the opportunity to be an online sponsor to several OA members, as well as other service opportunities
in most of the above programs . Some of the online groups,
I learned about through supports from the rooms, others,
it's been so long since I've participated in online recovery
groups, I don't really remember how I found out about
them, I'm sure some I learned about just by using a search
engine on various key words dealing with alcohlism, addiction, Al-Anon,Overeaters Anonymous, recovery, etc. I do feel that the opportunity to be in online meetings/email groups is something that is great! Those kinds of things have offered me opportunities that wouldn't have existed years ago. I am awed to think that from the meeting of Bill W. and Dr. Bob, so much more has become possible. I don't know if my experience with online recovery meetings/email groups would have been so positive if I didn't already have a strong foundation which I developped in f2f meetings. My sobriety date is 3/10/89, I've been a member of Al-Anon since March of 1989 as well and began in OA in 1991, but now , by the grace of God, have about 10 years of abstinence. Hope that helps with some of the above questions.
Love-Debbie F

Online Meetings and Assistance

There are more than 100 online meetings listed with the Online Intergroup of AA (OIAA) here:


Chat, Skype, email, discussion boards, telephone...and in several languages. There's more information in the March 2012 edition of the Grapevine, or you can fill out the contact form for help here:


My first time on line

I have been sober for 22 yrs. but this is my first on-line communication. I have not made my usual meetings lately because of work. My schedule lately has been crazy. 10-12 hr days. By the time I get off work I am ready for bed. I don't want to get the HALT thing going. Any suggestions?

Where to find and how to join an online AA group

Anyone wanting to stop drinking and needing to join an Online AA group should go to:


... where you'll find details of the various types of online groups - and, by following the links, will be offered a complete listing and details of how-to-join.

Ewart - AA UK

Hiya Ewart Long time no see

As I am reading through the shares on this forum I was so pleasantly surprised to see a name I recall with fondness and love. Ewart it is soooo good to see you. Yes, I still do online AA but am very involved in f2f AA meetings and service work. I will share my experience with online AA shortly

AA Hugs

please help me

I don't know how to do this but would appreciate help if anyone gets this message. Thank you.

re, please help me

hello well you have made a big step your in the right place to find out how to get sober and live happy jois and free of the terror get a meeting , talk on line , but put the plug in the jug . my name is mike im a alcoholic , im sober for 8 months im 48 and have drank over 30 years . please give aa a chance , hang on till the miricelhappens get a sponcer , and keep coming back

Try Sober Voices

I have a similar problem at times and was thrilled to discover Sober Voices. It's a meeting you can call in to and participate. People from all over the country do it and you get to know some of them. Do a web search for the number. They have a noon and 10pm meeting. There are other ones but I've only used Sober Voices.

Not getting to meetings

I need some feed back on what to do when work gets in the way of going to meetings. I work 12 hr shifts at times. Of course I go to meetings when I am not working like that. I need a meeting on line when I can't get to one.

RE: Not getting to meetings

your being of service working !!! great

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