From the September 2011 magazine. First printed in September 1999.

In Our Own Words: Stories of Young AAs in Recovery

From Section 1, What We Used To Be Like

My Sneakers Never Looked As Good As Yours

ALTHOUGH I ONLY DRANK FOR FIVE YEARS, I am an alcoholic. I was born with this disease and I will die with this disease. Without AA, I would be dead. I am so grateful for this program. It has given me eleven years of sobriety this month. Everything I am is a direct result of God and AA.

When I speak, I talk about my childhood a little, not because I blame anything that happened for my alcoholism. I talk about it because I believe I was born with this disease. Whether I came from a mansion or a cardboard box, I would still be an alcoholic.

-- John L.

Howell, New Jersey

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