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Topic: Grapevine Literature
GvR Designs a GV Display
Formerly a delegate to the General Service Conference, J. B. of Rochester, N.Y., is now an enthusiastic Grapevine representative. When he heads for an AA convention, conference, assembly, or other...
An AA from Sweden struggles to make a new group home
A little over a year ago, I moved to a group of isolated islands in the middle of the Baltic Sea. I had spent three years before that living in Sweden with my new husband, raising my child, getting...
Utah Area 69 Fall Assembly --"Juicin' up with the 'Vine" Logan, Utah Taking "Juicin' up with the 'Vine" as its motto, Area 69 made the Grapevine and La Vina the focal point of its fall assembly. La...
(From the July 1965 Grapevine)
(From the November 1965 Grapevine)
(From the February 1966 Grapevine)
(From the June 1966 Grapevine)
(From the April 1967 Grapevine)
(From the June 1967 Grapevine)
Reprinted from The Grapevine, October 1944
SOMEBODY ONCE SAID, "As much as you may grow, as many recoveries as there may be, I think the eventual by-products of AA will be greater than AA itself." Everywhere now, we hear such remarks. They...

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