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Topic: Beginners/Newcomers
He’s new, he comes in late and he disrupts everything. Someone should do something
How a group in Canada showed a man with shaky hands that he was in the right place
A newcomer from the North Pacific finds warm, healing sobriety near the Equator
When I first heard that Westport, Washington, was a drinking town, I knew I wanted to live there. My two favorite things in life were fishing in the ocean and drinking. A famous radio personality had...
A trip home to make an amend results in a wonderful blast from the past
A newcomer from the North Pacific finds warm, healing sobriety near the Equator
Desperate to stay sober on a business trip, a newcomer takes action and wins big
Conversando con su padrino descubre su pasado
Desde mis inicios en AA, escuché que lo primero que un recién llegado tenía que hacer, era buscar un padrino. Por algún tiempo me fue difícil elegir un compañero para que me apadrinara. Pero lo...
After dropping out of high school in 1948 (it was the school’s idea), I enlisted in the U.S. Army. I went in as a private, and four years later I was discharged as a private. My claim to fame was...
A mother recalls how she used to wait outside the liquor store and wonder how people lived their lives
As a kid, I was given every opportunity to succeed, to lead a healthy and happy life. But for reasons I don’t understand, I became an alcoholic. What’s more, I believe I was destined to be one....
Right when the meeting was over, a stranger put his hand up to share something he’ll never forget
At just five months sober, this year I attended the Area 3 annual convention in Pinetop, Arizona. I looked forward to escaping the Phoenix heat and taking part in my first AA convention in the cool...

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