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What Meeting Are You Going to Tomorrow?

November 1999

Victor E.

November 1999

Come On! Be Happy, Too

November 1999
The author of "He Who Loses His Life" looked back over twenty plus years of sobriety. - From the September 1967 Grapevine

At Last No Longer Apart

November 1999
The author of "Stars Don't Fall" reported on the vital experience--some of it rough going--of the second half of her quarter century of sobriety. - From the November 1967 Grapevine

No Graduation From AA!

November 1999
<emphasis type="italic">Two themes that have become of the greatest importance to him--responsibility and gratitude to AA--were stressed by the author of</emphasis> "Rum, Radio and Rebellion." - From the January 1969 Grapevine

Living the Program in All Our Affairs

November 1999
<emphasis type="italic">After thirteen more years of sobriety in Ireland, where he first found AA, the author of</emphasis> "The Career Officer" wrote this report. - From the March 1968 Grapevine

Sober for Thirty Years

November 1999
One of the earliest members of the first New York AA group; he was also its first "self-proclaimed atheist." - From the May 1968 Grapevine

After Twenty-nine Years

November 1999
The author's story "Women Suffer Too" was the first woman's story in the Big Book. - From the July 1968 Grapevine

So Changed a Life

November 1999
The author of "Fear of Fear" updated her story. - From the September 1968 Grapevine


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