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Women Alcoholics Have a Tougher Fight

July 1964
How this fact offers an exceptional opportunity to women members of AA

Those Vulgar Words

July 1964
Comments from a cross section of AA on the speaker with a flair for ripe language

It's Great to Be New

July 1964
A quick refresher on the wonders of finding yourself sober

Closed Meeting Topic

July 1964
<emphasis type="bold">What means have I found helpful in getting out of a bad frame of mind?</emphasis> ("Put Yourself in a New Frame of Mind")

I Hated 'Drunkalogs'

July 1964
Do gruesome stories about our drinking experiences really help anyone?

I Slipped Back to Prison

July 1964
It has been about a month now since you went to your last AA meeting. . .you think you have it all figured out.

Why I'm Glad I'm an Alcoholic

July 1964
How Dr. Karl Menninger's opinion about super-recovery applies to members of AA

How Well Can You Listen to Yourself?

July 1964
Anyone who practices listening can hear "The Still Small Voice.

Doc Is Doing Real Well Now

July 1964
The only doctor in town wins his battle against drugs and alcohol


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