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Central Office Notes

September 2014
The Honolulu Story. . . Continued from the August Issue

20 Golden Years

September 2014
Some men get a gold watch when they retire. He got a whole new life

The 75-year-old Newcomer

September 2014

A Call from the Bus Station

September 2014
A man with 66 years of sobriety finds a letter from a sponsee he had back in the ’60s

A New Life for Aunt Patricia

September 2014
She wanted to paint and garden when she retired, but martinis and hangovers came first

Cold Comfort

September 2014
With a club soda in hand and the Fellowship at his back, he returned to his former career

Panic at the Top

September 2014
With her international acclaim rising sky-high, how could she possibly be an alcoholic?

Green as an Old-timer

September 2014

Pride & Possessions

September 2014
At 59, she left her old life behind. Thank goodness she kept coming back

A Cake for Charley

September 2014
Here I am, a man of 74 years, celebrating his fourth AA birthday, happy to be here and happy to be alive.


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