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Grass Roots Opinion

January 2015

The Eucharist Man

January 2015

Divorce, Alcoholic Style

January 2015
She knew the minute she said “I do” that this wedding wasn’t going to end well

Sobriety Rocks

January 2015
The blast he had at a concert with sober friends was the moment he was looking for

Wild in Hong Kong

January 2015
A teen lets loose in the bar district and finds it’s much harder to stop than she thought

Take a risk

January 2015
With spurs and spiky wristbands she found her way to AA

Hit the road

January 2015
Three young sober guys cross the U.S. in 50 days—with lots of AA coffee

A New World

January 2015
He had no idea he was entering a life of softball, snorkling, dancing and joy

The Man on the Bed

January 2015
In a rehab one night, a desperate young man almost gives up—until he hears a knock on the door

Weekend in jail

January 2015
With lice shampoo and a stiff orange suit, she was now alone with HP and Step One


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