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Bumper to Bumper

October 2014
It took a speeding episode of road rage at work for this builder to get the picture

Exhibit A

October 2014

Ready, Set, Go

October 2014
At four years sober, she’s learned to apply the slogans that helped save her life to a sport that gives her joy

1000 Steps

October 2014
His chance at a better life was much closer than he thought, and so was the love

Twists and Turns

October 2014
A scary moment while rushing to a meeting showed her it was time to put on the brakes

Corny Little Frames

October 2014
After years of drinking, a construction worker finally sees the writing on the wall

Pass the Chicken

October 2014
One woman’s recipe to cook up a few laughs in sobriety

A Good Look

October 2014
A newcomer discovers that it's never too early to start looking at Step 10

None of my Business

October 2014
How one member learns to finally let go and park her opinions outside

The Ultimate Share

October 2014
After years of drunken hospital visits, a member finally returns for a much better reason


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