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Under the Renoir

February 2015
Sometimes it takes a sponsor to encourage us to paint our own masterpiece.

What's a DCM?

February 2015
Learning the ropes from a service sponsor has made her a more grateful AA.

A Sponsor’s View

February 2015
When Jay removed his glasses, the Big Book came alive-yes, even the pages with Roman numerals.

90 days of June

February 2015
One summer, a woman with a few years sober decided to kick her program into high gear.

All this and fly-fishing

February 2015
His sponsor guided him through his most turbulent times and taught him to enjoy calm waters.


February 2015
In the mountains, a woman faces big changes after a breakup and a move.

Down by the river

February 2015
The biggest lesson he learned on that boat was not the one he expected.

Morning coincidence

February 2015
Sometimes the little moments that almost pass us by turn out to be gigantic

Breaking new ground

February 2015
Digging up experience on trusted servants and the many ways they form our group conscience.

Eddie's journey

February 2015
The road is rocky and sometimes uphill, but he's found his primary purpose.


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