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On the Mountaintop

December 2014
Getting sober in AA relieved him of his alcoholism and the shackles he made for himself

The Next Guy Up to Bat

December 2014
A desperate call to AA after his son's birthday led to a moment he'll never forget

Saved by the Bell

December 2014
An attempt to break his anonymity at a job interview gets sidetracked by divine intervention

Faith and Flour

December 2014
With one cup of AA and a pound of love, a sober mother bakes some holiday joy

The Gift of Sharing

December 2014
The words he spoke to his AA group that December opened their hearts forever

Decision on Route 10

December 2014
One Christmas Eve, a newcomer was very glad he turned left instead of right

A Cabin in the Woods

December 2014
A newly sober wife escapes into the mountains to hike and fish—but that’s not all she does

A Table's Journey

December 2014
The things we lose when we drink sometimes return in the most unexpected ways

A Mother's Final Gift

December 2014
A newcomer reconnects with her dying mom and gets a little surprise in the mail

A Letter Every Week

December 2014
A writing assignment from her sponsor healed years and years of anger


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