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Operation: Cooperation

May 2015
A sponsor and sponsee sign up to help get the AA message to doctors in the field

Drop Anchor

May 2015
Simple CPC work helps one member stay sober and keep his ship docked in the solution

Thank You AA

May 2015
A former high school teacher, now a non-alcoholic trustee, shares her story and returns the love

Not Afraid to Be Judged

May 2015
How a sober lawyer walked through his fear to reach out and do more service

The No. 1 Disappearing Book

May 2015
Distributing AA literature is part of his service. If only he could keep enough books on the shelf

Shrink Rap

May 2015
Talking with psychiatrists about AA so they can help their patients

Doing Our Part

May 2015

A Planted Seed

May 2015
Fifty years ago, a member in Kansas delivered a message to a nursing class that later saved a life

One Morning on the Beach

May 2015
After spilling all her fears, she took her sponsor’s suggestion and let a little sunlight in

For Charlie's Sake

May 2015
Squabbling ceased when a newcomer’s needs turned the group to its primary purpose


The Carry the Message Project focuses on getting Grapevine and La Vina subscriptions to alcoholics in need. It's not necessary to know the recipient! Sponsor a subscription for someone behind bars, in a treatment facility, nursing home, or who is homebound.

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