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Stop Digging!

June 2015
She decided the bottom she had was low enough

On the Way to San Jose

June 2015
A son has a spiritual awakening while visiting his sober father

Oliver the Cat

June 2015
Believing in a higher power didn't come naturally to her so she started with a familiar, friendly spirit

Finding a God of My Understanding

June 2015
In sobriety, she was able to separate spirituality from the religion of her childhood

Creativity in Sobriety

June 2015
He thought that alcohol was enhancing his work, in fact it was blocking it

On the Right Track

June 2015
With the help of a few local AA guys, things are starting to look up for Steve

Make It Happen

June 2015
With her HP and a little action, a woman in a prison without many meetings finds a pretty good solution

The Biggest, Meanest Dude I've Ever Seen

June 2015
After his first prison commitment, an AA swears he’ll never do that again

Learning to Live

June 2015
How AA helped one long-time inmate stay sober in prison and chart a new path

Free on the Inside

June 2015
Although he’s serving a life sentence, the Steps help him to continue to grow and be useful


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