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80 Years of Fellowship

July 2015
A few words from the Chairman of AA’s General Service Board

Happy, Joyous and Free

July 2015
In 1935, two men met to talk about their drinking and gave birth to a wonderful program

AAs from around the world

July 2015
Since 1950, AA members have come together to celebrate the birth of Alcoholics Anonymous

25 years of Love

July 2015
A member from Texas reminisces about two and a half decades of sober stadiums

Any lengths in Ghana

July 2015
A member gets a firsthand look at the early days of Alcoholics Anonymous in a city in Africa

Women of Kiev

July 2015
Determined to stay sober and work the program, some women in Ukraine make their way

A Hug in the Holy City

July 2015
A newcomer lucks out in Jerusalem and finds a beautiful meeting just in the nick of time

Big Books for Myanmar

July 2015
With few meetings and no text, these AAs show up for each other

A Warm Room on an Icy Day

July 2015
On a January morning in Amsterdam, a man tries to sober up in a place he least expected

The Old Beer Hall

July 2015


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