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Me & You & AA

November 2015
Heartbroken after a rough breakup, she dove back into her program and let the Fellowship carry her

It Works at Work

November 2015
Angry and resentful at her coworkers, she stepped on toes and they retaliated. What was she to do? AA had the answer

A Box of Pears

November 2015
All she could give her mother was a little fruit, until someone’s share helped her give forgiveness

Prime Dating Material?

November 2015
They told him romance would happen in God's time. But would he listen?

Words of Love

November 2015

Let’s Get a Divorce!

November 2015
A newcomer is having trouble relating to his wife now that he’s sober. She just smiles

Stronger & Brighter

November 2015
Meditation and prayer has kept him connected and become an essential light in his life

As I Closed My Eyes

November 2015

Practice, Practice, Practice

November 2015
The Eleventh Tradition helps one member stay out of the pulpit and keep his focus down on the field

Middle of the Herd

November 2015
On a remote Alaska road, he got a big scare that turned out to be HP’s Thanksgiving gift


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