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I Can Handle This

April 2016
On vacation in France, she lifted the glass to her mouth. What could possibly go wrong?

Drifting Away

April 2016

High Fever

April 2016
At 27 years, he was getting close to a drink. Would he tell someone or keep it to himself?

Back From Hell

April 2016
At 20 years, he decided to take a break from AA. What followed was years of detoxes, psych wards and pain

She Said She Was Doing Fine

April 2016
Her friend Susan knew everyone in AA and seemed to have it all. So what happened?

Pilot Error

April 2016
Her sobriety left the gate several times but could never seem to leave the ground

Bogged Down

April 2016
Trying to outrun Step Four made his life worse, but thankfully his sponsor tossed him a rope

That Sneaky Devil

April 2016

Altered state

April 2016
Something was strange about this AA meeting he attended—and he was about to find out why

Looking for Peace

April 2016
For years and years he searched for the one thing he finally found in AA


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