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No way out

September 2016
He escaped a troubled childhood by joining the army. But he couldn’t escape the bottle

Listening for 50 years

September 2016
In 1965, an old-timer heard the bartender say last call. Five decades later, he’s still using his ears

My Beautiful Tragedy

September 2016
A liquor-filled drive to a bonfire changes a young girl’s life forever

What I Do Owe

September 2016
Abandoned by a skid row father, a son struggles to make amends to him

All the proof I needed

September 2016

Shoes to Live For

September 2016
A woman in spike heels kept him sober that night. How did she know all his secrets?

What hope looks like

September 2016
How a woman’s tragic accident became a beautiful asset

One Last Time

September 2016
The suit he bought in early sobriety has seen many occasions. This one is dear to his heart

Seemingly effortless

September 2016
Stranded on an island in Alaska, a member looks up, says a prayer and lets a little joy take flight


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